Enrollment Gift Cards

Gift Card Marketing Program

Our Enrollment Gift Card program was designed to assist you in sharing the tremendous health benefits of our products along with the business opportunity of our program.

It's really easy, you just pass out the Enrollment Gift Cards and as new Affiliates sign up in your team they receive 10% off their entire enrollment order. The more cards you hand out the bigger your teams grow.

Here's how our program works:

Enroll with RegenaLife as an Affiliate with the $549 Package. Then you hand out the 60 Enrollment Gift Cards to prospects which contain a code. They will enter that code during the checkout process to get 10% off their entire order plus a Free Surprise Product that we will provide as a Gift.

The Power of Duplication in action: You pass out 60 cards to potential prospects, lets say only 10% or 6 Affiliates sign up and do exactly as you did. Now you have 6 x 60 or 360 cards working for your team. And if 10% or 36 Affiliates join, now you have 36 x 60 or 2,160 cards working for your team. The numbers are mind boggling how quickly your teams can build.

Enrollment Gift Cards Working For You Through Level 3

Level 1 = 6 Affiliates x 60 Cards = 360 Cards

Level 2 = 36 Affiliates x 60 Cards = 2,160 Cards

Level 3 = 216 Affiliates x 60 Cards = 12,960 Cards

Now let's calculate your earnings on Level 1 only: on a $549 Fast Start Package which contain

60 Enrollment Gift Cards:

6 Affiliates Purchase the $549 Package and receive 10% Off their order!

A total savings for them of $54.99 and Free Shipping! (USA Orders only)

Your earnings are 6 x $230 = $1,380! – Only on your 1st Level

It's a Win-Win Marketing Strategy!

As we all know, network marketing is a business of leverage and duplication. When you pass out your Enrollment Gift Cards you're accomplishing both leverage & duplication to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). Your making money by simply passing our Enrollment Gift Cards to prospects, this simple marketing strategy can boost your teams performance and earnings overnight.

Wait ….there's even more earnings!

1. When your team buys the Enrollment Gift Cards within your 7 Level Team!

2. When a retail customer orders from your website because you gave them the Enrollment Gift Card!

3. When a retail customer orders from your 7 Level Team because someone gave them the Enrollment Gift Card!

GOT Questions?

Q. How do we get the enrollment gift cards?

A. The Enrollment Gift Cards can be purchased via your backoffice.

Q. Do all the Fast Start Packages contain the enrollment gift cards?

A. No, only the $549 package comes with 60 Enrollment Gift Cards.

Q. Do we earn commissions if a team member purchases the enrollment gift cards?

A. Yes!, they have PV assigned to them, therefore you earn commissions.