Loyalty Rewards Program

How does it work?

All of our products and product packages have been assigned a point system that will be used to calculate a Loyalty Rewards Discount when a certain point value has been reached. Each of the product points can be viewed in your backoffice within the RegenaLife Product Catalog & Price List. The point system is 10% of the Affiliate Price rounded up or down with the exception of the Six (6) Fast Start Packages, an example would be: A box of Goji bars cost $36.00, therefore the Loyalty Rewards Points are 4 for this product. A bottle of Blu-Lina is $34.99 and the Loyalty Rewards Points are 3, the $549 Fast Start Package has 55 Loyalty Rewards Points and so on.

What Loyalty Rewards discount will I receive?

When you surpass a total accumulation of 100 points, you'll automatically receive a % discount on your order. The % discount will appear and be applied on the checkout page. Once the order is placed the Loyalty Points will start to accumulate once again towards your next discount.

Where can I see my Loyalty Rewards Points?

Once you log into your backoffice the Loyalty Rewards Points accumulated in your account display on the backoffice page.

Can I accrue more than 100 points to be used at a later date?

No, this cannot be done. The system will automatically start to accumalte the points once 100 points are surpassed in your account.

Can I receive more Discounts on my order?

RegenaLife may at times increase the % discount based on time of year, Holidays, etc. However, this would be announced to all Affiliates prior to the % Discount change going into effect.

Can I receive Loyalty points on past orders?

No, the points started to accrue from 12/27/13 and going forward.

Do retail customers also receive the Loyalty Rewards Discount?